quarta-feira, 25 de junho de 2008

50's haute couture! Alta costura anos 50!

O tempo passa mais a beleza continua de forma inspiradoura!

As many of you know I am a fan of vintage photographers and when Agent Lee disappeared from Flickr I, and a number of other bloggers, were most disappointed. But I am so pleased to let you know that I have managed to find some pictures from one of the original sites that she uploaded from.

Whilst photographing for Vogue he covered the Spring and Summer couture collections for the magazines more frequently than any other photographer. If you too are a fan of his work, you can purchase his prints online from Vogue - Art on Demand.
My favourite of the dresses pictured here would have to be the fourth one from the top - which reminds me of this Dior S/S 2007 dress here. My next favorite would have to be the gown in the first picture.
Which one is your favorite?

Here's one of the Grandfathers of vintage fashion photography - Henry Clarke who, more than any other fashion photographer of his time, managed to captured the glamour and cool elegance of post-war 50's haute couture. His models included Dovima, Della Oake, Anne Saint-Marie, Suzy Parker and Dorian Leigh. From 1951, he photographed for French, British and American Vogues, which in its self was an amazing accomplishment.

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Anônimo disse...

Não acredito que vc achou essas fotos!
Tudo e bom
I just love it!

Anônimo disse...

Onde está o artigo em português?